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My goal is to disrupt the creative content profession, because creative content is typically thought of as fluff. I aim to create an enjoyable collaborative experience and help you see how your content can work for your business or brand, with the right storytelling and strategy. 

In 2010 I started working on tv and film productions - on set and in the production office. Wanting to add to my creative skill set, I started to teach myself graphic design in 2015. The more I began to design I started working closely with executives and stakeholders - learning more about the business side. 

Which led me to discover how valuable great storytelling and creative content is to a business.

Hi! I'm Julie. 

I became a Content Creator by combining my love of storytelling, video production, design, and photography. I learned how to combine all of my creative skills to help businesses, brands, and corporate companies grow on all levels. 

I'm not your typical creative...

Miranda Creative Co. | Let's creat grat conten!

Let's Create Great Content!

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